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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Houston We Have A Scale Problem

The lil guys are really flowing in now but I seemed to have hit a snag with the scaling which has thrown a slight spanner in my works.

As you can see there is a rather noticeable size difference even with the three of the four being from the same maker Reaper. The majority of the Reaper Halflings are the same size as the one on the far right but the two in the middle are much smaller for some reason? As a result I have had to rethink the makeup of each unit more around the size as well as the theme but it still seems to be working out ok thus far.

So here is the start of the Halfling Bandit unit, the small female Reaper Halfling (she is a beautiful sculpt too) is actually a perfect size match for the Vendel models and the other small Halfling doesn't really stand out much either. The detail on the Vendel models aren't as sharp but the character and poses seem to get them by ok.

The next unit is the Ranger Unit which is made up of the wonderful Reaper models, the detailing on these guys are superb and the crouching thief is very dynamic and dark.

Next is more Reaper for the Vampire Hunter Unit, this will be more of a ragtag bunch of individuals who fit together based on complimentary skills, there will be a couple of gnomes and dwarfs in here for good measure.

The detail on the Reaper guys are great and should be more noticeable once painted. Hopefully the remaining 20 odd Halflings arrive safe and fit in nicely with the scale of these.

Now which unit to paint first? I'm thinking the lil bandits?

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