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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well my hunt for all the C11 Halflings is coming along nicely as I have almost got my greasy lil hands on the majority of the collection including the old LOTR, Tailsman and pschyo hobbit ones and the early Marauder minis.

However, I am struggling to locate the final few and I am calling you for assistance. The images below detail most of the C11 series, the ones with red stars are already in my collection but the ones circled in yellow are still outstanding. These are the ones I need in particular the two carrying the beer barrels as they are essential to my drunk beserker halfling unit!!!

If you have any of these or know any I have missed please send me a message and we can arrange something.

I have missed out on this guy a couple of times on e-bay

Also need Frodo on foot

And Leprechaun Halfling


The following are not my work but I stumbled over them on the net a while back but can't remember from where? The first one is an unreleased halfling from GW and probably one of the best I have ever seen. Great painting all round but not mine.

A great Halfling warband from a Spanish guy whose website link I have lost, sorry mate but great work!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cecil's Ogre Slayers

Well here is a quick update of the first unit of the C11 Halflings I promised and I am well happy with how these guys came out, definitely my best painting to date by a long shot (pics turned out half decent too). Click on the image for a larger version.

Love these guys so much character and hope you like them as well. Next up is a 20 man unit of halfling adventurers which are shaping up nicely. If you like my halfling mission and would like to help please don't be shy to click millions of times on the google adds below to help fund my C11 collecting mission (sorry for the blatant plug but its worth a try no?)