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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Liddleton Hallfing Village Militia

Well folks as promised here is my latest halfling unit the Liddleton Hallfing Village militia consisting entirely of C11 and the old solid base Citadel halflings. Being as they are a ramshackle militia I moved away from my usual uniform unit look and picked a variety of vibrant random colours but still tying in with colours already used in the overall army. I'm happy with the overall look but perhaps not as sharp as my last unit and some of the solid base halflings were a challenge to paint as the sculpting was so bad/rough on a few of them.

As per usual please let me know what you think and feel free comment share or follow the blog. I will be taking a lil break from the lil guys for a while to paint up some Naps which have been gathering dust but with some new Warploque halflings due to arrive anytime soon I'm not sure how long this halfling hiatus will last. :-)



Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Review: Bass's Halfling Empire.

While I'm in the middle of varnishing up and basing my next unit of Hallfing village militia I thought I would do a quick review of Bass's Hallfing Empire Army Blog. A wee while back while I was busy congratulating myself on having one of the best halfling armies on the net I stumble across this fantastic Halfling army which is without a doubt the coolest halfling army I have come across thus far and definitely blows mine out of the water. He regularly enters the army in tournaments as an Empire force and has even won a few army painting contests which is no surprise as it is full of tons of character, C11 hallfings and many fantastic conversions.

Below are a few pics to wet the appetite but check his blog for more details......


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20,000 and Counting

Well a small milestone for Halfling House having just broke the 20k hits mark!!! Thanks to everyone for their support and don't be shy to follow, link us up or share the halfling love with your fellow lovers of the half pint.

Stay tuned lots more updates on the way with the next unit nearing completion.

:-) Smiley face.