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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Camera

Well I have become increasingly frustrated with the poor level on my photos and with a trip to Europe on the cards in a couple of weeks I took the opportunity to upgrade to a new photographic weapon....Olypmus 310 with 14mp and 10x optical zoom for the bargain price of only $160 AUD.

Anyway here are the latest results of my new toy.....a great improvement I think but still not 100% perfect. Also keep an eye out for my next unit on the cards which I am over half way through painting and is already set to be a cracker with loads of character........Halfling Witchhunters none the less!!!

1st up my latest unit being a gnome warband.

New photos of my older units

Oh and I found the following guy online(again not my work), pretty amazing huh, Frodo from the old citadel LOTR range......luckily I have two of these to paint up.

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