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Thursday, June 27, 2013

69th Regiment of Foot

Taking a wee bit of a break from the halflings...... here is one of my recent bases for my British Naps for my latest 69th Regiment of Foot unit. The minis are all Victrix apart from the Perry Mounted Colonel and for some reason the photos have come out with a bit of a gloss sheen which does not exist in real life.

I'm pretty happy with the overall look of the unit and only have the command base left to complete it.

I'll post up more photos soon of my other recent Brit Nap work as well as photos of all the completed units and army photos.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hot Off the Painting Bench

Well it's been a long time coming but here is my latest batch of 5 cheeky halflings fresh off the painting bench. Encase you haven't seen these models before and were wondering who made them they are actually scuplted by Warpy from Warploque Miniatures as part of his last kick starter (although I unfortunately was not supplied with the Wizard model, sad face).

I did a really, really rushed job on these with a simple colours scheme with the aim of churning out the unit as quickly as possible as I have far too many unpainted lil halflings staring me in the face with their cheeky fat innocent faces. Although in places the sculpts may seem to lack sharp details but I am sure you would agree that they more than make up for it in character. I especially like the elite halberds. Keep your eye on Warpy as he is set to release a new boxed fantasy game via kick starter rumoured to be made up of halflings versus orcs/trolls.

Also keep an eye on my blog as I have a ton of freshly painted naps and another secret project on the way all to be posted in the next few weeks. As per normal please feel free to comment, follow and share. :-)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Halfling Stuff

Well I have a whole bunch of stuff to share for a while now but I am having camera issues and have been unable to get any decent shots but bare with me as there will be a bunch of Napoleonic, some halfling and a top secret new project that I am working on coming your way very soon. Stay tunned, same hobbit time, same hobbit channel.

In the mean time here are some images on a new scupltor Mick Darpa with some nice halfling themed stuff....rumour has it that a certain invidual could be trying to tee these up for production and release in the near future so keep yopur eyes peeled.

More of his work can be viewed on the following linky

Oh and White Knight has alos just released his halfling artillery crew which is a great new addittion as apart from the Warhammer hotpot it is very difficult to source halfling themed cannons etc.....now I'm getting ready for him to release his top secret halfling calvalry range!!! ;-)