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Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Halfling Stuff

Well I have a whole bunch of stuff to share for a while now but I am having camera issues and have been unable to get any decent shots but bare with me as there will be a bunch of Napoleonic, some halfling and a top secret new project that I am working on coming your way very soon. Stay tunned, same hobbit time, same hobbit channel.

In the mean time here are some images on a new scupltor Mick Darpa with some nice halfling themed stuff....rumour has it that a certain invidual could be trying to tee these up for production and release in the near future so keep yopur eyes peeled.

More of his work can be viewed on the following linky

Oh and White Knight has alos just released his halfling artillery crew which is a great new addittion as apart from the Warhammer hotpot it is very difficult to source halfling themed cannons etc.....now I'm getting ready for him to release his top secret halfling calvalry range!!! ;-)


  1. Nice Halfings !!
    I like!
    (and good pictures too !)

  2. Hello! I realise this is a bit out of the blue but I found you by googling issue 36 of the Citadel journal. Apparently you have a copy according to a post from Jan last year? I am running a Necromunda campaign and would love to get my hands on the rules for Eldar gangs from that issue. If you are able to email a scan to thewarlordpaul@gmail.com I will be eternally grateful. I understand if you can't of course. Great Halflings by the way!