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Friday, April 12, 2013


I swear it has taken around 5 months to complete this unit but I have finally got it out of the blocks and I am happy with the overall look and especially character that it is oozing ha!!! So 200 cheeky lil bastards down and only another 100 to go ....eeek!! I have completed all but one of my C11 halfling collection and plan to get photos of them all together soon. So keep your eyes peeled for the next unit on the way ..heavily converted halfling Calvary and then (hopefully) closely followed by my Warploque miniatures halflings, lots of Naps and a new top secret project I have started. I'm on a bit of painting buzz at the moment and seem to be churning them out now that winter is kicking in.

Anyway, enjoy and feel free to leave feedback, share and follow :-)




  1. I would like to say : "GREAT !!!" but it's impossible with those little guys!

    "Well done !!!"

    I like!

  2. I really did enjoy seeing these on the LPL this season. Great fun figures they were.