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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Just a quick update to wish everyone a happy Easter and safe travels if you are going anywhere. I am off down the coast tomorrow on a surf trip w/e but I figure I would put up a quick update before I go of some more current works in the pipeline.....


Friday, March 22, 2013

Kevin Adams Attack

There has been sad news circulating in the hobby in the last few days that the famous goblin sculptor Kevin Adams was attacked and beaten at knife point in his own home by three burglars and is currently in hospital recovering. The latest news is despite suffering shattered cheekbones and teeth he is recovering well and is in good spirits.

 From Dags "Some 'good' news - I've just heard that Kev's out of hospital.

He was stabbed in the face and chest and they took a knuckle duster to his face and broke his cheek bone.

But he will need an op to add some plates.

His nose was broken in a number of places but his eyes and hands are fine which means that he'll, hopefully, be back to work soonish."

The crew at Frothers UK have quickly setup a charity to help raise funds for his recovery and rehab which you can visit here to donate/support https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goblinaid/582169528462833

Apparently they will be taking donations and will also be running a raffle consisting of tons of Kevin's sculpts to raise money. Encase you have been living under a rock and didn't know who Kevin is he is known as the Goblinmaster and has sculpted many of great goblin lines for Games Workshop, Foundry, White Knight and even the Halfling House mini pictured below.

We wish Kevin a speedy recovery and hope to see him pushing putty again soon!!

More of his work can be seen here http://kevadamschallenge.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/night-goblin-army.html

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Things

While you are eagerly awating the final shots of my latest halfling units I figured I would show you a couple of new halfling releases.

Necrom Studio Inn Keeper
Firstly we have a lovely new halfling inn keeper/friar from Necrom Studio. I actually have a model in front of me now and I would have to say it is one of the finer hafling scuplts on the market today.....image does not quite do the level detail justice.

He is available here http://www.necromstudio.com/en/staff/25-halfling-seller.html

Otherworld Hallfings
Some more nice sculpts from Otherworld Miniatures on the way soon, painting by the infamous Andrew Taylor. More info here.....http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/otherworld-miniatures-dungeon-adventurers?c=home They have some other amazing D&D adventure characters as well being released so check them out.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Halfling Scale Guide

As I have discovered from experience there is a vast variety of different shapes and sizes of halflings available on the market place and unfortunately they can greatly vary and many are not really compatable with each other. This incompatibility can be highly frustrating if you have laid down hard earned cash for minis which when they actually turn up may be of no use to you. So me being the nice guy I am have decided to slap up a few quick pics for scale comparison of the many different halfling manufacturers available. I have also split the halflings into three different distinct groups based on not only height but also thickness. We have the following groups "Large and chunky (ie fat)", "Small and Chunky" and "Small and Skinny" I didn't have a precise measurement background but the first line is 20mm high.

Anyway hopefully somebody finds this useful and please don't be shy to share the guide/blog around. You can find links to most of the manufacturers websites on the lower right hand side bar on this blog which may be of added use. Noteable admission are Blackhat, Hasselfree (same size as Heresy) and White Knight although there is a mini in the last few images.

Halfling Scale Range

L to R: Black Tree LOTR, Marauder (OOP), Red Box Games, Citadel C11 (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Grenadier/Copplestone, Games Workshop (OOP), Battleforge, Warploque, Reaper and Games Workshop LOTR.

"Small & Chunky" Halfling Scale Range

Left to right, Heresy, Heresy, Heresy, Reaper, Citadel LOTR (OOP), Citadel C11 Solid Base (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Marauder (OOP), Black Tree Design Harlequin, Ral Partha.


"Large & Chunky" Halfling Scale Range

 Esses (Bob Olley), Warploque, Games Workshop (OOP), Games Workshop (OOP) Blood Bowl,  Black Tree Design Harlequin Archer of Greenwood, Games Workshop Loopin Croop, Reaper, Last one ...shit I forget lol.

"Small & Skinny" Halfling Scale Range

 Left to Right, Ral Partha, Black Tree LOTR, Red Box Games, Grenadier, Wizrards of the Coast, Grenadier, Wizards of the Coast....missing GW LOTR.

Citadel/Warhammer Halfling Scale Range

 Left to Right: Marauder (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Games Workshop (OOP), Games Workshop (OOP), Games Workshop Loopin Croops, Games Workshop Bloodbowl.

Halfling House/ WhiteKnight Halfling Scale Comparison

 Halfling House/ White Knight Halfling is middle, 5th from left. :-)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Back on the Horse

Well due to summer and alot of the following I haven't painted a single thing in almost 4 months and have been severly lacking any form of painiting motivation...but fortunately due to bad weather and a servere bout of man flu I have managed to churn out the following halflings and almost completing my halfling Hobbittoberfest unit. Minis still need varnish and flock.

Heaps more update on the way soon.....promise..

Welcome Summer Distraction

 I generally hate painting white but he is one of my better results

Almost there.....3 more minis to go