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Friday, March 8, 2013

Halfling Scale Guide

As I have discovered from experience there is a vast variety of different shapes and sizes of halflings available on the market place and unfortunately they can greatly vary and many are not really compatable with each other. This incompatibility can be highly frustrating if you have laid down hard earned cash for minis which when they actually turn up may be of no use to you. So me being the nice guy I am have decided to slap up a few quick pics for scale comparison of the many different halfling manufacturers available. I have also split the halflings into three different distinct groups based on not only height but also thickness. We have the following groups "Large and chunky (ie fat)", "Small and Chunky" and "Small and Skinny" I didn't have a precise measurement background but the first line is 20mm high.

Anyway hopefully somebody finds this useful and please don't be shy to share the guide/blog around. You can find links to most of the manufacturers websites on the lower right hand side bar on this blog which may be of added use. Noteable admission are Blackhat, Hasselfree (same size as Heresy) and White Knight although there is a mini in the last few images.

Halfling Scale Range

L to R: Black Tree LOTR, Marauder (OOP), Red Box Games, Citadel C11 (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Grenadier/Copplestone, Games Workshop (OOP), Battleforge, Warploque, Reaper and Games Workshop LOTR.

"Small & Chunky" Halfling Scale Range

Left to right, Heresy, Heresy, Heresy, Reaper, Citadel LOTR (OOP), Citadel C11 Solid Base (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Marauder (OOP), Black Tree Design Harlequin, Ral Partha.


"Large & Chunky" Halfling Scale Range

 Esses (Bob Olley), Warploque, Games Workshop (OOP), Games Workshop (OOP) Blood Bowl,  Black Tree Design Harlequin Archer of Greenwood, Games Workshop Loopin Croop, Reaper, Last one ...shit I forget lol.

"Small & Skinny" Halfling Scale Range

 Left to Right, Ral Partha, Black Tree LOTR, Red Box Games, Grenadier, Wizrards of the Coast, Grenadier, Wizards of the Coast....missing GW LOTR.

Citadel/Warhammer Halfling Scale Range

 Left to Right: Marauder (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Citadel C11 (OOP), Games Workshop (OOP), Games Workshop (OOP), Games Workshop Loopin Croops, Games Workshop Bloodbowl.

Halfling House/ WhiteKnight Halfling Scale Comparison

 Halfling House/ White Knight Halfling is middle, 5th from left. :-)


  1. This is fantastic! Thank you.

  2. Well that's about as comprehensive as it gets eh ^^ naughty man, thanks

  3. In the "Large & Chunky" Range the last one is from Tercio Creativo ;)

    Thank you for this awesome and useful post.