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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warploque Miniatures New Halfling Releases!!!

I have been keenly following the progress of the works of Alex Huntley from Warploque miniatures a young up and coming sculptor with a very unique sculpting style and a keen sense of imagination.

I am a big, big fan of his characterful halfling sculpts and he has put up his next wave of releases for preorder....basically if he meets the preorder targets he will get the lil fellas cast up....anyway here are some details from Alex with photos of the next release below.......so come on guys get behind this kid

"For those who do not know me from the various Miniature Forums, or if you have not seen my previous Projects, "Cast up the Dragon", "Cast up the Giant","Cast up the Zombie Pirates" and "Cast up the Bayourks" ( You can kind of see the theme here :P ), my name is Alex, also known as WarplockMonkey, Warploque or just plain Warpy. I am a wargames miniatures sculptor, and the man behind the budding company Warploque Miniatures! Though I specialise in fantasy wargaming models for use in any army.
Following on with the amazing success of the Bayourks ( a huge thankyou to everyone who supported me!) , this time I have been working on some 28mm halflings to bulk up the range that I already have, and, after alot of interest on the internet, I have decided to get em finished and cast up! If you place an order, you are not charged until the target number of orders, in this case 15, has been reached. Then, as SOON as I have received the casts, they will be sent to you!

This is where this website comes in! In this pack, you will be buying,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ideas in the Pipeline

Lil army but big crazy plans!!! The following are just a few images to illustrate a couple of concepts of which I have brewing in the back of my lil wee head. Not sure when I will get round to implementing starting/these projects and I won't go into to much detail as I prefer to let your imagine wonder but one of this projects is actually being implemented as we speak...........

Friday, April 6, 2012

Halfling Calvalry Take Two!!!

Well I have completed the final conversions for my halfling cavalry unit. The unit consists of 9 different mounted halflings all a unique character within themselves inspired by the Bretonian Questing knights. Alot of hacking and bending occurred to make these work but I'm really happy with the overall outcome.

For more detailed pics of the 1st batch of Calvary click here!!!

Halfling paladin, converted bloodbowl halfling on grenadier pony.


Bloodbowl halfling on old citadel pre-slotta horse.

 Heresy beserker on old citadel pre slotta bar bar horse

 Pre-Slotta Citadel halflling adventurer on Citadel per-slotta dwarf pony.