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Monday, January 23, 2012

Halfling Army List, Citadel Journal 36

As promised I have scanned a copy of the old halfling army list from Citadel Journal 36. It's a tad to cheesy for my liking but still pretty cool and with some fun conversions....flick a pm if you are interested in a pdf copy.

Oh and if you would like to support the growth of my halfling battle force please feel free to click on the advertisments on this page :-)....no pressure.


  1. You have a groovy blog here, I'm going to following you from now on. :)
    I'm always stocked when I find another cool Aussy blog to follow.

    I stumbled on to your blog because I am trying to track down a picture that was in Citadel Journal 36. Apparently "Doc Butcha's Conversion Klinik" did a Praetorian Conversions of Horse Mounted Cavalry & Horse Drawn Artillery on page 89-96. Is this true, and if so is there any chance that you could email me a scan of the article? My email is on my profile page


    If not, that's cool I thought it might be worth a stab in the dark.
    -Happy modelling.

  2. Thanks dude - not least because you've uploaded my history of the village of Stillwater - something I'd previously suspected was long lost! Davey.

  3. Hi, I'm just starting my Halfling army, so would love to get a copy of this PDF. Can you send it to nils0@surewest.net? Thanks

  4. Hey man! Great work. I'm super late to the party and would appreciate a copy of the pdf if it's still available.