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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I know, I know this update has been a long time coming well guess what....I actually have some more good excuses with me being stupid enough to take out a mortgage on my first home..... so as you would expect time has been of a premium of late.

So without further ad hue here is my next unit titled "Big Red's Halfling Adventurer's". Inspired slightly by Lord of the Rings and predominately sporting the old skool citadel LOTR range with a wizard and ogre thrown in for good measure. The idea being they are adventurering party on the search for treasure, adventure, pipe weed and beer with a wizard to act as a guide and the ogre as a baggage mule. I think they would be well suited as a Mordhiem war-band. I really like the ogre who I believe is one of the best ogres available on the market.

Next up on the painting bench is a halfling spearman unit with a mix of C11 Citadel, Harlequin, D & D Grenadier and the old Bob Olley Essex halflings.

Well I certainly have my work cut out for me....have I bitten off more than I can chew??? Still to paint a drunken berserker halfling unit (yes I finally got hold of those illusive beer barrel carrying halflings), a halfling archer unit, a halfling witch/vampire hunter unit, a halfling militia unit, gnome and child allies and two more men-arms-units. Plus I am looking to get the Black Hat and Wiff Waff's halflings hopefully in the near future too. Defo lost the plot.

Some more pics of the halfling bandits


  1. Just saw your post on TMP - I love the Halfling Warband Project. Very well done. And I wish you luck with picking up the missing miniatures.


  2. hiho

    the big red adventurer unit is cool! red haired Halflings look interesting, I like the style and the choice of coulors.

    greetings from Germany

  3. Hello,
    Greetings from Canada, great blog, love the concept. I am emailing to alert you to an ebay listing of halflings:


    Perhaps you'll find something useful, once again, great stuff

  4. Hey, where can I find the miniatures for the "Halfling Bandits"? I'm involved in a game of D&D and need a mini for my halfling rogue. The model all the way to the right might be perfect.

    you can email me at stephendenoia@yahoo.com