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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Liddleton Hallfing Village Militia

Well folks as promised here is my latest halfling unit the Liddleton Hallfing Village militia consisting entirely of C11 and the old solid base Citadel halflings. Being as they are a ramshackle militia I moved away from my usual uniform unit look and picked a variety of vibrant random colours but still tying in with colours already used in the overall army. I'm happy with the overall look but perhaps not as sharp as my last unit and some of the solid base halflings were a challenge to paint as the sculpting was so bad/rough on a few of them.

As per usual please let me know what you think and feel free comment share or follow the blog. I will be taking a lil break from the lil guys for a while to paint up some Naps which have been gathering dust but with some new Warploque halflings due to arrive anytime soon I'm not sure how long this halfling hiatus will last. :-)




  1. Very nice, of course being a Liddle myself and living close to an area known locally as the shire I appreciate such things.



  2. Nice work my friend. I think you and I battle on ebay once in a while! I too am building an army of the wee folk in preparation for The Hobbit movie heh. Nice to see others with similar aspirations.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    Jason I don't think you will have to be worrying about my competition on Evil Bay anymore as I finally have the complete Solid base, C11, Marauder, the old LOTR halflings and all of the newer Empire styled ones. Maybe I'll have to start collecting the blood bowl halflings as well.

    Would be interested in seeing photos of your collection.