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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Half Break

Well sometimes you can have too much of a good thing....so I decided to take a lil time out from my Halfling project and pay some tlc towards my long neglected British Napoleonic force and now I am currently working on a 24 man strong 95th Rifles force. Here are some shots of the first nine. I have experimented with a more liberal as apposed to a precise painting style and have also tried a different basing technique. The liberal style seems to have worked a treat and I'm extremely happy with the overall outcome thus far....I would almost go as far as saying it is probably my smoothest unit to date. The blacks and the greens are rather forgiving and make for a quickly painted unit especially compared to the red and white rad coats. I have based them in a way that they can fight as a rank and file unit as well as skirmish. Minis are perry plastics, metals and some offensive rifleman thrown in there as well for good measure. I found the metal Perry's very nice to paint as well.

What do you think? Should I stick to halflings or do some more Naps? I only have two boxes of British infantry, one box of highlanders, one Victrix Cannons and one box of Perry Hussars to paint.......


  1. very good range!
    what do you mean by "more liberal painting style"? for me it looks very good!
    nice bases too!

    I like your halflings but I suppose it's better if you choose yourself to make some breaks sometimes!

  2. What can I say sir? Your riflemen are equally as stunning as your halfings (BTW, Jen is a big fan of the hobbit and halflings). Maybe I did not catch it, but have you ever paint the GW Halfling hot pot?

    BTW, love the treatment on your Offensive figures. Great mix!


  3. These are brilliant, and also very tall.

  4. Hi guys thanks for the kind words.

    By a more liberal style I mean that I wasn't as pedantic as normal with picking out detail and trying to be perfect and precise and would just do highlights quickly etc without touch ups...I spose a lil like the artmaster style but noway near as liberal if that makes sense.

    VS I have two hot pots but they are in the long long halfling painting que!!!