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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Latest Arrival....The Big Fella

Well guess who just arrived in the post.....the World Famour Marauder giant that's who!! I have been scouring e-bay for over a year now for this guy and although there seem to be many of them floating around it can prove tough to snap them up at a decent price. I finally managed to snavel this one for the bargain price a mere twenty pounds so I think I have done alright here. This big fella combined with the odd ogre should give my wee fellas a lil more muscle and hitting power. Such a lovely scuplt and I hope to start painting him once I get the next two halfling units out of the way maybe some time late this year.

I'm also on the look out for the old grenadier goblin war giant if anyone notices one floating around at an affordable price?

Now to finish off the 95th Rifles and then I can begin work on the next halfling unit the patrons of the Bobbleshire Inn then closely followed by the mounted questing halflings....The Knights of The Kitchen Table. So many big plans so lil time.

Oh and I also won this old citadel space hobbit.....I have no idea what I am going to do with him although I do have around 10 different ratling scouts floating around somewhere collecting dust ha!


  1. Oh man the giant is classic!! This brings back memories. Please share with us when you are done!


  2. I dunno, do the space hobbits mix well Hasslefree Kindred? WH40k:RT IG Army.

  3. What Zhu!!! Are you crazu man? I can't go starting a 40k Hobbit army as well!!!!.....Can I? Ha I have actually been thinking about a small force using the Kindred alongside the Ratling snipers as there have been a number of Ratling snipers released over time and I already have ten......but that's just crazy talk