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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Hallfings from White Knight Miniatures

Long time no update? Well here you go!!!

Some exciting news from WK over at White Knight Miniatures is that he is set to release his new halfling heads sculpted by Kevin Adams. The highly detailed heads are full of character and can be utilised with his modular goblin landsknecht bodies to make large units of halfing warriors.

Currently on offer are 12 different head options (plus command) to be used on 12 different bodies (plus command) and 5 different weapons options...spear, halberd, sword and shield, crossbow and musket/rifle. Who could ask for more right? I may not be very good good with numbers but a rough calculation off the top of my head says there is about 10 billion different individual figure options there!!!

Finally budding halfling enthusiasts can build massive halfling armies with large rank and file units which is long long overdue in my opinion.

So hurry up and start saving your pennies for this pending release!!!

More info below.....

painted by Timbor over at http://mylifeinmm.blogspot.ca/

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