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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well here he is my first lil halfie from my bandit unit. A nice Vendel mini. Was a nice change doing neutral colours like black and green which are so much more forgiving instead of the reds and whites of my British Naps. I actually did four layers on the black and tried to make them a lil Ring Wrathie looking!!! Overall I'm pretty happy although there is still room for improvement so any tips are appreciated.

Here is the Bandit unit all primed and ready to go.

Here are more of my recent arrivals

Halfling Fighters

The middle two are from Hasselfree miniatures (great customer service btw) and I especially love the Roman styled one probably one of the best detailed Halflies I have received so far. The far left is from Ral Partha which is also nicely detailed.

And Yet More Halfies

Three are from Ral Partha including the unusual leaf cloaked blowpipe sniper assassin guy thingy. I also plan to setup an archer unit.


This guy will form the basis for the Vampire/Undead unit, hes by Ral Partha also and looks very Vampirie or Vampirish if you ask me.


I stumbled across these on painted by (permission to post here) by Johan, cheers mate. Stunning stuff, please note the following models are painted by Johan and not me.

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