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Saturday, December 5, 2009

1st post!!!

Well I have decided to setup a small blog on the development of my Halfling army. I needed something to break up the repetition of my British Napoleonics and I needed something with character and variety.....and what has more character than Halflings?

Inspired by the beautiful Reaper range I decided to move away from the Fat and Peaceful halfling stereotype and build a darker and more battle hardened force, one that could hold its own on the battlefield or die trying.

So I have been scourging the net for a variety of halflings that meet this vision with the Reaper models to be the centre pieces......so I have slightly lost the plot and orderd around 40 halfling from a vareity of manufacturers including Vendel, Hersey, Ral Patha, Grenadier, Hasselfree, Spinespur horror, D & D and a few other lil gems off e-bay.

I plan to have 4-5 themed units of 8 figs, one unit will be Vampire/Witch hunters led by Van Halfling, Halfling Bandits, Halfling Rangers, Halfling City guard (armoured elite type), Halfling mercenary heroes (an assortment of diff halflings) and a Halfling Vampire and Necromancer unit with Halfling skeletons (most likely conversions on the skeletons unless you know of anywhere that does them???)

Each unit will be based on the LOTR movement trays.

So now I am sitting back and waiting for my parcels to roll in.

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