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Monday, December 7, 2009

First Recruits Arrive!!!

Well the first minis have started to flow in

Mostly Reaper, gotta love the Dragon rider and I am looking forward to painting that guy. Ok there's two dwarfs in there...one a cute female dwarf with a massive chopping axe from Reaper....I couldn't resist the sculpt and she will take her place in the Vampire Hunter Unit as the offical head chopper along with mostly Halflings and a few gnomes.

The other guy is Handyman from Spinespur....I thought he was a halfling but turns out to be more like a dwarf, a cool looking dark sculpt however I was extremely disappointed when looking at his cloak which is covered with cutoff hands.....wtf? I spose thats what you get when you delve into Zombie styled miniatures. He might make his way into the Vampire/Necromancer unit as a bodyguard/henchmen?

The tall Halfling is a mercenary sergeant from Reaper that kinda looks a little like Michael Jackson (no disrespect intended).

The final halfling is a sweet lil and very detailed Pirate sculpt that I stumbled upon in the Frothers forum and he is distributed by a guy called Lupus in Australia who is getting round to setting up an online store. Below are the rest of the minis so far in his halfling range,please note they are not painted by me but Bruenor Odinson and I stole this image off the Frothersforum so I am merely showcasing them.....I reckon these will sell like hotcakes.....if I upset anyone I will take it down.


I have been painting British naps for around 5 months now so changing styles to these guys is going to be a lil daunting but I think I will tackle the female dwarf first. :-) I think I will paint naps one week and a halfling the next.

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