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Monday, October 1, 2012


As long promised here are the photos of the 1st half of the Hobbittober Fest unit all sporting traditional Bavarian Bier Fest Attire being Bavarian Alpine style hats, traditional trachten shirt and the famous brown Lederhosen! I gave it my best shot at painting drunken red faces and it seemed to come out ok on some and not so well on others. As you can see I have also experimented a photographic board and backdrop but not to sure if this really worked for me....

So what do you think....now just another 10 lil feckers to go!!!




  1. lovely figures!!
    but I think that the Hobbits are not exactly like that!

  2. My fave is the chap leaning on his club in the last pic - you've captured that surly drunken glare perfectly -

    Never interrupt a hobbit's seventh pint of the mid-afternoon...

    1. That's right ! or even in the middle of the 7th or 8th lunch of the day!
      In fact, it's never good to interrupt a Hobbit when he's doing something VERY important!