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Friday, May 18, 2012

GOTCHA!!! and a Cheeky Conversion

Great news, after 2 years of solid e-bay tracking I finally won a bid for the Citadel Collect Counter Halfling after missing out of three other occasions. He is a pretty rare lil fella as apparently you had to collect pieces of a jigsaw off the back of packs to make up a picture of one of 8 models, once you had all the pieces of a certain model you would then send them in to redeem them.....so I imagine that their is not a hell of a lot of them floating around especially with how ugly the sculpt is ha!!

So I now have the complete set of the Citadel Pre-Slotta, C11, old LOTR and Marauder halfing ranges including the LE5 - Psychohobbits but excluding the unreleased items. I also have all of the newer larger Warhammer halfling baring the Mordhiem halfling thief. YAY ME!!!!

 Oh and I also managed to get my greedy lil hands of this OOP old Copplestone Castings mounted halfling hero, rumour has it that these are partly reworkings of Mark's original Grenadier halflings but were quickly take out of production possibly due to IP issues?? leaving a very limited number released to the market place before they were pulled.

Also I slapped this lil conversion together a lil while back to represent a halfling supply cart transporting Bugman's precious cargo to the Moot. Pretty simple conversion with an altered Skull Pass Grudge Pony and Vermis's lovely lil halfling sculpt as the driver. I have no idea whatsoever of when I'll actually get around to painting this up.

So many halflings to paint and so lil time!!! Keep your eyes peeled to this website for some exciting exclusive HALFLING HOUSE news............


  1. You never can have enough Halflings (to boss around teheeeheee)

  2. Ha well at least the lead pile is looking a tad smaller these days although I am feeling a lil guilty about the three boxes of unpainted British Naps I have been sitting on for around 2 years now.