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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well to keep things interesting around here I have decided to compile a list of what I view as the top 10 halfling sculpts of all time in regards to character and quality (ok I lie it's 11 but who's counting anyway?) so without further adue......

NUMBER 11: Halfling Pimp, Citadel C11 series, unreleased.

Although he may not be the greatest of sculpts this plump lil fellow slyly creeps into the top eleven as he was never released commercially and coupling this factor along with bags of fatty and slightly cocky character he becomes a much sought after and ultra rare gem for the avid halfling collector.

NUMBER 10: Puggy Baconbreath, Blood Bowl Halfling, Games Workshop.

This badass lil fellow despite his diminutive nature Oozes with toughness which in turn cements his place as one of the most iconic halflings of all time.

NUMBER 9: Tailsman Expansion Halfling, Games Workshop.

An unusual plastic halfling, this brave fellow represents all that is great about halflings.....fat, happy and heroic!! Another plump halfling icon right there.

NUMBER 8: Mirlton/EM4 Mounted Halfling Paladin (painted by Steve Dean)

A resulptof Mark Copplestone's original and now very rare halflings this model  unfortunately is one of the few mounted halflings available and an ideal general for any halfling militia army. A lovely lil mini and one of my favourites.

NUMBER 7: Psycho Hobbit, Games Workshop Ltd Edition

This overly spikey warrior is sheer unadulterated lunacy of which only a madcap halfling could get away with. The rareness and sheer bizarreness of this model places him on the fringe of the top 5. I am not sure how many of these guys were produced but he is relatively rare and highly sought on e-bay.

NUMBER 6: Dicarus Darksword, Reaper

One of my personnel favourites and one of the few Reaper Halflings that scale up well with the old C11 Halflings. A very dark and smooth characterful model that would be at home as either a scout, thief of assassin in any deserving warband. Great model.

NUMBER 5: Unreleased Halfling, Games Workshop

There are two great variants of these fantastic sculpt and he would easily of taken the number one position if he was made available commercially, but unfortunately as he was never released he looses points due to the selflessness of those evil fat cats at GW. A peg leg, eye patch, armour and big weapons.....pure class.

NUMBER 4: Lil Pea, Marauder Halfling (painted by Witchhunter)

Ok so his name isn't Lil Pea but hey he is the size of a pea  being one of the smallest halflings available, great detail, pose and extremely characterful making him easily one of my firm favourites. Pound for pound or gram for gram in his case one of the most characterful minis out there.

NUMBER THREE: Van Halfling, Heresy Miniatures (painted by Witch Hunter).

A simple but superb and very unique character laiden model ideal as a halfling hero for any situation. Having multiple arm options also adds to his versatility. Another all -time halfling great.

NUMBER TWO: Hallfing Chef, Games Workshop, (again painted by Witchunter)

Wot a fat angry hobbit wielding an over sized meat hatchet......WINNING!!! Who could ask for more really?? A fantastic timeless sculpt right there. An all time classic.

NUMBER ONE: Cecil the Ogre Slayer, Citadel C11 Halfling

Some of you may be surprised by this selection but I have chosen an old C11 solid base halfling called Cecil the Ogre Slayer at the greatest halfling sculpt of all time. A saucepan for a helmet, an over sized cape, an over sized shield, over sized armour and then topped off by an undersized dagger this wee fella is a must have for all you unstable halfling lovers out there. Can't you just picture him fighting against the odds to slay an hungry ogre in a last ditch attempt to avoid becoming part of his halfling broth? A deserving victor in my opinion which duly sums up the true halfling spirit and character. Love him!!!
ps: I apologise that you have to put up with my terrible painting on this one.

Noteable mentions that didn't quite make the cut......

Citadel C11 Piggyback Halflings...(also the barwench)

Warploque Miniatures Halfling General

Reaper Halfling Dragon Rider

Citadel LOTR Mounted Frodo

Hasselfree Roman Halfling (painted by Blackfly)

Black Hat Halfling Musician

Victoria Lamb's Halfling Cowboy Billy Bagshot

 Karate Kid Halfling


  1. As I read your opening statement, I thought it would be impossible to compile a top ten - there are after all so many. But as I read on I actually found it hard to disagree with your choices.

    Well done on a very interesting post.


  2. What a brilliant post ^^ and I've never seen No.5 before what a cool little fella! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Some nice ones but for my money the old Grenadier AD&D halflings, and the diminutive Ral Partha line, had some comparable or better ones.

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