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Saturday, July 6, 2013

2nd Coldstream Guards, Waterloo 1815, The Defence of Hougoumont

I have slowly been working on this unit over a number of years in the background of my halfling army and have finally finished the final base below. This unit has been slowly painted over 3-4 year period and you may notice a slight difference in the painting quality between the two earlier bases and the more recent ones (hopefully). The unit is a mix of Victrix, Perry and Foundry and may not be a 100% historically accurate but ah oh well ;-).

I have attempted to present the unit as a very battle-worn formation to depict the brutal defence of the chateau of Hougoumont on the outskirts of the Battle of Waterloo. This defence is considered one of the greatest achievements of the regiment as some declared that the success of the battle turned upon closing the gates at Hougoumont. The two battalions that defended Hougoumont suffered 500 dead and wounded out of strengths of 2,000 hence the high amount of casualties in my unit.

"This attack on the Hougoumont led to one of the most famous skirmishes in the Battle of Waterloo — Sous-Lieutenant Legros, wielding an axe, managed to break through the north gate. A desperate fight ensued between the invading French soldiers and the defending Guards. In a near-miraculous attack, Macdonell, a small party of officers and Corporal James Graham fought through the melee to shut the gate, trapping Legros and about 30 other soldiers of the 1st Legere inside. All of the French who entered, apart from a young drummer boy, were killed in a desperate hand-to-hand fight.[1] The French attack in the immediate vicinity of the farm was repulsed by the arrival of the 2nd Coldstream Guards and 2/3rd Foot Guards. Fighting continued around Hougoumont all afternoon with its surroundings heavily invested with French light infantry and coordinated cavalry attacks sent against the troops behind Hougoumont". Wikipedia lol


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