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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Foundry Halflings Released

Well I am currently half way through my Hobbittoberfest unit and have been too lazy to get some shots of them and the 95th Rifles due to drinking issues ;-) .....so I figured I would buy some time and post up some shots of the recently released Foundry Halflings I previewed a lil while back. There are four halfling packs priced at 10 pounds a pop

Personally I think that they are a lil hit and miss but I like the adventurers and the town guard marching with latern ...oh and the guy in the barrel would of been perfect for my Hobbittoberfest unit......not to shabby overall I reckon although I would prefer to purchase the models individually instead of in packs though.

More info here

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  1. these are great. but seemed to of vanished from existence :(